Kau Luen Tong History

司 徒 氏 教 伦 堂 与 宗 亲 互 助 会 历 史

The mid 19th century saw the establishment of Singapore as a bustling entrepot. It also saw an ever increasing influx of immigrants from the southern two provinces of China – an influx of people who, together with local Malay and Indian immigrants, gave Singapore much of its working dynamism. While Singapore witnessed its own transition from a quiet fishing village to what was to be described as “the most important station in the East … of much higher value than whole continents”, the immigrant Chinese population saw the establishment of clan conscious-ness which were to look after the needs of the Singapore Chinese population in the years to come. It was during this time of flux that the Singapore Situ Clan Association was planted – originally called 司徒家塾 (Situ Family School), it was set up by Situ Zhong, an immigrant from Kai Ping County in the Canton Province.

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